Exciting SL events ahead in 2015

In two weeks time it will be the start of 2015 and it’s going to be another amazing year I think in terms of SL events. I can’t wait to attend the popular events on the grid during 2015 and blog about them.

At the start of every month of 2015 I will be publishing events happening on the grid, so stay tuned for that. Here are the big events happening next year with confirmation dates that are available at the moment.


One Billion Rising 2015: Normally takes place around the 14th February 2014. Four regions are normally set up for everyone to dance over the 24 hour period.

RFL of SL 2015 Season:  Starts on 7th March 2015 through until August 2015. Relay Weekend is 18th-19th July 2015 and the theme for 2015 is The Future is Now. There will be more annual events taking place in 2015 like Fantasy Faire etc.

VWBPE 2015: Starts on 18th March 2015 through until 21st March 2015. The theme for 2015 is Crossroads.

Second Life 12th Birthday: Second Life will officially turn 12 years old on 23rd June 2015. I would imagine there will be resident run parties across the grid to mark 12 years of Second Life.

Bay City Annual Events 2015: Bay City 7th Anniversary, Hot Bay City Nights, Mole Day, Fashion Week, Tree Lighting and much more will take place next year. Join the Bay City groups inworld for more info.

BURN2 2015: The big annual BURN event will be happening in October 2015. There are normally more annual events happening during the year. Join the BURN2 groups inworld for more info.

Nova Albion 11th Anniversary:  Sometime in March 2015.

1920s Berlin Project 6th Anniversary: Sometime in May-June 2015.


Do you know of any other big events happening in Second Life 2015 then please comment so I can add them to the list.


7 thoughts on “Exciting SL events ahead in 2015

  1. primperfect

    I may be biased, but I think some of the mega events for RFL are worthy of mention in their own right – like Fantasy Faire!

    (And we’re also planning to release season three of The Blackened Mirror).



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