Recap: Latest news from Linden Lab this week

Oculus Rift DK2 Project Viewer Now Available – 13th October 2014

Linden Lab have released a new Project Viewer this week that integrates the DK2 kit with Second Life. The DK2 offers a better immersive experience than the DK1 kit and the new kit DK2 combats issues such as motion sickness / low latency 1080p display.

OnLive Brings Second Life to the iPad with SL Go – 14th October 2014

OnLive have announced that SL Go is now available for the iPad (Wi-Fi or 4G LTE). Also SL Go is available on Android devices!

Limited 50% off Premium*, New Premium Gifts, & Halloween Treats for Everyone! – 15th October 2014

Linden Lab have announced another limited 50% premium deal including new gifts and halloween treats for everyone.

Perks for Premium subscribers include a a L$1000 sign-up bonus, exclusive access to Premium Sandboxes (special areas inworld where you can build objects, rez purchased items and meet other creative users), a weekly L$ stipend to spend on whatever you like, your own home, and special free gifts.

The Sky Over Berlin (and Elsewhere) – 15th October 2014

Recap on the HTTP Project including request rate celling, pipelining and the CDC.