The Drax Files: World Makers #23 – loz Hyde

Today episode 23 of The Drax Files went live featuring loz Hyde who runs a store called Meshworx in Second Life selling buildings and amazing furniture. loz Hyde is a visual effects (3D designer) who has worked on some huge movies including Terminator Salvation and Guardians of the Galaxy including VFx for commercials. This episode runs for 4 minutes and 59 seconds featuring well-known locations across Second Life.

loz Hyde enjoys promoting Second Life and he enjoys contributing great content inworld for everyone to enjoy. He’s very talented and creative!

Episode 23 details

Although 3D designer loz Hyde has a creative day job – he is getting paid to breathe digital life into Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator and Guardians of the Galaxy – the user-created universe of Second Life holds a special place in his heart: “People have tried to analyze why SL is so successful and yes, the environments are beautiful, but I am more touched by the people!”

Among his many contributions to the community of colorful avatars is the now iconic “Arcade” building, which is inspired by the Brighton Pier in loz’ native England. The Arcade in SL serves as a beloved destination for many residents during the Gacha series of events.

loz Hyde runs the “Meshworx” store in Second Life, where he sells his unique furniture and buildings to a global userbase.

Most “Meshworx” designs feature aspects that originate by loz’ real life surroundings in California but in a rather subtle way: loz often goes out to photograph surfaces, materials, mechanical objects as well as details in nature that tell a story.

He then manipulates and layers these images to create dense textures, which he subsequently applies to his virtual designs.

“I promote Second Life like you would not believe” he explains, by showing off snapshots on his mobile phone to colleagues in the VFX community in Hollywood.

“In SL you can do whatever you want and that is the empowering thing. If more people knew that, more people would use it!”

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