5th OpenSim Grid Survey: cast your votes now!

The fifth annual OpenSim grid survey launched on Saturday 27th September 2014 via Hypergrid Business. The aim is for the OpenSim community to rank their grids and to see how they compare to other OpenSim grids. The results in previous years have been most interesting and fascinating indeed. This is a great time to find out about new grids on OpenSim and to find out which grids are doing really well in terms of popularity.

  • Voting closes on Thursday 2nd October 2014
  • Please take this survey once
  • Survey Link

Questions in the survey to fill out

  • What OpenSim grid have you spent the most time on?
  • How do you rate this grid’s content?
  • How do you rate this grid’s community?
  • How do you rate this grid’s support?
  • How do you rate this grid’s technology?
  • How do you rate this grid overall?
  • Would you recommend this grid to others?

Previous OpenSim Grid Survey Results



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