Facebook disables my account

Update: Facebook has now disabled both my accounts. You can still find me on Plurk, Google+ and Twitter etc to stay updated. 


On Wednesday 27th August 2014 Facebook disabled my main SL FB account without any notice/reasons which was unacceptable. I was very upset and angry when this happened because I have been using Facebook since 2007 without any problems until now. I lost all my Second Life snapshots, status updates and most importantly my friends contact list. I guess I was one of the unlucky ones.

Facebook needs to remove it’s fake name policy!




12 thoughts on “Facebook disables my account

  1. Why do you create a new Facebook account when they remove your old account? They can do the same any time again. Let’s just boycott NSAbook. They are evil.


  2. I already added you and I know how it feels. I have been deleted twice already. It is really silly that facebook treats us as if we where not real. That is something which LL really has to sort out with them. @Jerry: Especially for bloggers FB sadly is an important platform to gather information. I tried to go a while without FB after I have been deleted the last time, it did not work for me.

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  3. I dislike FB a great deal but got an account again to easily stay in touch with my son who has gone to Japan for a year. I prefer using G+ – even though I had left a few years ago with the name policy and gone to Diaspora.
    Although G+ has rescinded and now allows ‘fake names’ – i think its worrisome to have so much of our stuff in the hands of organizations that can just shut us down.
    1) make backups of your FB account regularly
    2) move to g+ (if you can handle the google invasion) or
    3) go to Diaspora – join via any of their pods that interact with one another. I use diasp.org

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  4. i tried to follow your link above to FB but it says the page has been removed.

    earlier today i coverted my personal FB account to a so-called Page. i’m not thrilled about that but then i’m not thrilled about FB anyway.

    i don’t understand what they have against me just because i’m not “real.”

    Facebook isn’t real but i’ve never held that against them.

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  5. It looks like FB may have disabled the second account, too, Daniel. :’-(

    No worries. Between another round of aggressive account cancellations, and their attempted hostile takeover of the mobile phone industry, Facebook is probably about two years from becoming the MySpace of this decade. 😉

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  6. Look at it this way. You are now prepared for when LL forces you out and commandeers everything in your inventory.

    See? There is always a silver lining!


  7. I’ve been using them since about 2010, the account never disabled. Maybe it’s because everything I write this days is under my SL account name. Maybe it’s because there’s a rel-life picture of me. Or maybe I just lucked out.

    Naturally I also agree they need to change their policy, though as the 900 lb. gorilla of social media, they don’t seem to feel the need to be in a hurry about it.

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