Ice Bucket Challenge in Second Life

The Ice Bucket Challenge in real life has been successful so far with well known celebrities taking part in the challenge in putting a bucket of ice water on one’s head to promote awareness of the disease myotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

UPDATE: In Second Life you can take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge by visiting the Iced Gems region and grab a FREE BUCKET with animations to get started. 


Ice Bucket Challenge 2014
Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

Videos of the Second Life Ice Bucket Challenge 

Check out these videos below of the virtual Ice Bucket Challenge in Second Life so far and enjoy. It will be great to see more Second Life Ice Bucket Challenge videos posted in the coming weeks to help to promote awareness.

ALS Association – Ice Bucket Challenge


3 thoughts on “Ice Bucket Challenge in Second Life

  1. If you go to the Second Life Pro wrestling Community Facebook Fan page, we have posted Several Video’s of people coming by the SL Pro Wrestling Community Headquarters to take up the #ALSSLIceBucketChallenge, issue out their own challenges and Donate to ALS. a HUGE Thanks must go out to Debora Stine owner of MUSCHI Fashions for Creating and providing us with the SL Ice Bucket and Kip Ashbourne’s Photography Prop shop for also providing us with Ice Bucket Static Pose Props as well (One Male, one Female) … just this Weekend alone we’ve raised over $20,000L so that’s an AMAZING Start, and all Donations will go DIRECTLY to and the you can view All our Video’s we’ve Taken so far here at

    Or, if you wish to take up the challenge, you can Come on Down to the Second Life Pro Wrestling Community Headquarters, Get a picture of yourself or have yourself recorded and get the Bucket for $0L and DONATE at :

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