New Login screen on Second Life Release

Linden Lab has revamped the Second Life viewer login screen this week to make it more simple and cleaner for new users apparently. To see the new changes download and install the latest release via the Second Life Release/ release notes page.

From a glance the login area has been moved to the top of the screen with three new login buttons to enter Second Life. The login area has been enlarged with a new look and its more welcoming than before in previous releases of the Second Life viewer. The showcase area below is still the same as before and the logging in process is still the same.

New Login Screen

New Login Screen –

Old Login Screen

Old Login Screen –

What do you think of the new login screen ? 


23 thoughts on “New Login screen on Second Life Release

    • @Imnotgoing: It will take some time getting used to after having the login bar at the bottom for so many years. 3 login buttons to make it simple and easy to log in will work for many for sure.

      The new login screens looks similar to the SL Go layout and I think the showcase boxes should be larger because there is so much empty space.


  1. Three login buttons is completely ridiculous! I’m not a UI/UX professional, but this just looks like a horrible idea, making it more complicated/error prone than the easy to understand old screen. I don’t think that this change will drive me crazy, but I think it’s a horrible idea.

    Having a single button with a single dropdown location selector made it easy to choose your destination and guaranteed that the only location shown on the screen is the place you will be sent. Adding three locations and three buttons increases the complication in this task, requiring you to process the choice in triplicate.


  2. I am glad they are looking at things that make it easier, especially putting the log in at the top, I am sure it will probably help those with visibility issues, and new users as it is more in keeping with starting from the top. As for the three buttons, it is more often than not I forget to change the drop down and end up at home instead of last location, so if there button is right there then YAY…I know I can change that in my preferences to be last location always, but it is not always that you need it. Maybe it would make more sense if they had different colours, to some.

    Thank you Daniel 🙂


  3. Its silly to have three separate login buttons. I know now beginning users, and even others, will now have to read the screen every time to see where they should press. Its a bit daft. It should be changed to ONE GUI action button, but can have selections for the choices so long as the last chosen one is kept. oh.. wait, that what they had before 🙂


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