OSGrid 7th birthday starts today at 10am PDT

OSG7B First Preview

OSGrid will be celebrating its 7th birthday this weekend over at the OSG7B regions with live DJ performances and much more. The OSG7B birthday celebrations start this morning from 10am PDT through until Sunday afternoon. The events will be held on the Event Plaza region on OSgrid too.

Everyone is welcome to attend to celebrate 7 amazing years of OSGrid. Come and enjoy the birthday celebrations!

Come and have a look around the amazing builds!

Hypergrid Locations

  • OSG7BW > hg.osgrid.org:80:OSG7BW
  • OSG7BN > hg.osgrid.org:80:OSG7BN
  • OSG7BE > hg.osgrid.org:80:OSG7BE
  • Event Plaza > hg.osgrid.org:80:event plaza.

Music Schedule

Saturday 26th Schedule

  • 10am PDT: DJ Foxx Bode
  • 11am PDT: Bolt Dominica
  • 12pm PDT: Joaquin Gustav
  • 1pm PDT: Sonya Jevette
  • 2pm PDT: DJ SheriffDawn Summers

Sunday 27th Schedule

  • 10am PDT: DJ LadyJo Martin
  • 11am PDT: DJ planned
  • 1pm PDT: DJ Jazzy Chatterbox
  • 2pm PDT: Casias Falta
  • 3pmPDT : Truelie Ellen

The OSG7B Regions


For the latest OSG7B events, visit the OSG7B Celebration Planning and Schedules Forum page.





2 thoughts on “OSGrid 7th birthday starts today at 10am PDT

  1. Hiya Daniel,

    It is worth highlighting that the event is being held on 3 VarRegions. VarRegions are part of the cutting edge tech recently added to core production release of OpenSim.

    They allow very large region sizing up to, I think, 8192×8192 [which is dependent upon computer processing power], than the old tech that SL imposed by way of 256×256 region sizing is going away in core OS.

    The possibilities this gives us now are too many to list, but such as very large and finely detailed builds with no border crossing issues since there are no longer the small borders.

    More here http://the-hyperzette.blogspot.com/2014/07/osg7b.html by a new OS blogger whose other pages are very informative also.



  2. I just realized you added my blog. Thx and I hope I can stop being so –not– politically correct that others may find some information on it of use to themselves.

    Of course non-PC folx like such things-)


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