RFL of SL 2014: Relay Weekend – Ceremonies Schedule, Music Schedule and Event Laps Schedule with Themes

Ceremonies Schedule

Saturday 19th July 2014

  • Opening Ceremony10 am SLT – The fun-filled weekend begins! Join us at the Ceremonies Stage on the 4 Activities regions. If full, the ceremony will be broadcast in every region along the track!
  • CELEBRATE11 am SLT – The first lap of Relay weekend begins with the CELEBRATE ceremony – the honor walk for Survivors and Caregivers. Please line the track and help our Survivors celebrate their victory over cancer, and to recognize the Caregivers that have given care to cancer patients. This lap and time is reserved expressly for these heroes.
  • REMEMBER9pm SLT – the Luminaria Ceremony – a solemn reflection with readings and inspirational music; sims are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer, who are still battling it, or who have fought it in the past; As the sims darken, the luminaria bags that line the track glow to remind us all to remember. All are invited to participate in this lap but we ask that you please walk the track in silence.

Sunday 20th July 2014

  • FIGHT BACK – 6am SLT– Pick up your specially made FIGHT BACK ARMY CAP and Fight Back Flags – available at the Relay Stations, and join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year -your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet. Together we all can FIGHT BACK against cancer.
  • Closing Ceremony10am SLT – Come to close out our amazing weekend with this closing tribute to what we’ve accomplished and how we will, as ONE big Relay For Life of Second Life team, continue to Fight Back and keep our Hope alive. This Ceremony takes place at the center state in the Activities Regions but will also be broadcast throughout all of the sims.

Stage Entry SLURLS

Music Schedule

Saturday 19th July 2014

2PM Bluesman Ed Saunders – DJ – STAGE 1
DJ Painthorse Graysmark – DJ – STAGE 2
Lightening Productions – Shinedown Tribute Band – STAGE 3

3PM Bluesman Ed Saunders – DJ – STAGE 1
DJ Painthorse Graysmark – DJ – STAGE 2
Mer of Avilion – WATER – STAGE 3

4PM Lycen – DJ – STAGE 1
Eliz Watanabe – STAGE 2
DJ Rock and Roll – STAGE 3

5PM Hada Shadowhawk – STAGE 1
Scarletta Roux – STAGE 2
DJ Rock and Roll – STAGE 3

6PM Hada Shadowhawk – STAGE 1
Duncan Bagley – STAGE 2
Creative AppleTOR – STAGE 3

7PM DJ Hawksby – STAGE 1
Grace Loudon – STAGE 2
Creative AppleTOR – STAGE 3

8pm DJ Hawksby – STAGE 1
Lycen – LIVE – STAGE 2
Catalysis – STAGE 3


10PM Corvan Nansen – STAGE 1
Brea Skytower – STAGE 2

11PM Corvan Nansen – STAGE 1
Brea Skytower – STAGE 2

12AM (Dia) Diaphoni Galicia – STAGE 1
DJ Rock and Roll – STAGE 2

Sunday 20th July 2014

1AM Cowgirl – STAGE 1
DJ Rock and Roll – STAGE 2

2AM Cowgirl – STAGE 1
Mij Marksman – STAGE 2
Blake Hambleton – STAGE 3

3AM Mij Marksman – STAGE 2
Blake Hambleton – STAGE 3

4AM Holocluck Henly – STAGE 1
Mij Marksman – STAGE 2
Blake Hambleton – STAGE 3


7AM (Bells) Belladonna Ravinelli – STAGE 1
Grace McDunnough – STAGE 2

8AM John (johannes 1977) – STAGE 1

9AM John (johannes 1977) – STAGE 1
Hada Shadowhawk – STAGE 2

Event Laps Schedule with Themes!

10am – Opening Ceremony
11am – CELEBRATE – Survivor/Caregiver Lap
12:30pm – Teams on the Track

….And the Themed Laps Begin!
2pm – CRAZY HAT – wear the craziest hat you can find!
3pm – CARTOON CHARACTER/ANIME – become that cartoon character of your dreams!
4pm – BLACK AND WHITE – wear only black and white during this lap!
5pm – SCIFI/FANTASY – represent the Sci-Fi or Fantasy character that you wish to be!
6pm – PIRATES – arrgghhh mateys, pull out your eye patches, pirate hats, scarves and more!
7pm – BALD IS BEAUTIFUL – and so it is… let’s honor those that have gone bald for the cause or due to treatment and remove that hair!
8pm – PURPLE! – what is our favorite color? Yep! You got it…Purple from head to toe!

9pm – REMEMBER – this is our Luminaria Ceremony Lap, a time to remember those that are no longer among us. We darken the regions, and walk quietly with glow of the luminarias to guide our way as we listen to the Luminaria Ceremony Dedications

10pm – MOST COLORFUL – how many colors can you wear?!?
11pm – 10TH ANNIVERSARY – ONE TEAM! Listen to the Planning Committee as they entertain us through the hour!
12AM/Midnight – PJ PARTY – put your jammies on … but DO NOT go to bed!

1am – HOPPY BALL BOUNCE WITH US – let’s bounce bounce bounce around the track! Find your hoppy balls in the Relay Info Stations!
2am – SIXTIES (60’s) – it’s groovy dude! Tie-dye and mini-skirts! Peace baby!
3am – BEACH PARTY – beach party beach party there on the track… but be sure to wear sunscreen!
4am – KIDS and CHILDREN – dress up as a kid, become a toddleedoo, shrink your avi… let’s play!
5am – HEROES EVERY DAY AND SUPER – we all have those we consider heroes…who is yours? Superman, parents, doctors, Batman, WonderWoman, etc!

6am – FIGHT BACK – it’s time to make that pledge…what will YOU do to fight back against CANCER? Listen in to the special ceremony!

7am – INTERNATIONAL, CELEBRATE YOUR NATION! – wave your flag, dress up in your colors, show us your costumes!
8am – COFFEE AND DONUTS IT’S BREAKFAST TIME! – good morning… we all need that shot of caffeine to keep us on the track…just a bit longer!
9am – FORMAL HOUR – time to put on your finest gowns and suits and walk the track in those dress shoes.. we are almost there!

10am – CLOSING CEREMONY – head over to the Activities Regions and tune in to the stream!

11am – VICTORY LAP – It is time to walk the track once more… meet the Relay Committee… Celebrate YOUR Relay!

12:30pm – RAFFLE DRAWS – be sure to buy your tickets before this time!

1pm – SILENT AUCTIONs end – did you place the winning bid?

Continue to walk the track, visit the campsites, the designer builds, the mega event campsites, the museum, etc.


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