Second Life statistics 2014 summer update

This is the summer 2014 Second Life statistics blog post looking back at the past 3 months to see what’s been happening in terms of grid numbers. My last statistics blog post was made on 1st April 2014 for the spring update. These are the very latest stats for Second Life and I hope you will find that stats useful for future reference. 🙂


  • Red means a decline
  • Green means a increase

Total Regions

  • The total number of Main Grid regions is now 26, 120  – (down from 26, 165)
  • The total number of Private Estates is now 19, 080 –  (down from 19, 181)
  • The total number of Linden Owned is now 7, 040  – (up from 6, 979)

Since 1st April 2014 the region count has been declining still on a weekly basis but there has been some good news because there has been small increases in private estates during the past 3 months. Year to date private estate losses are now 200 which represents a decline of 1%.

In April 2014 the decline was 0.5% and I predicted that the total number of main grid regions would go under 26, 000 regions mark. I also predicted that Private Estates would most likely go under 19, 000 regions mark.  Both of these predictions didn’t happen. Sadly these predictions (above) will happen at some point before the end of the summer if rates continue.

Private Estates Growth 

Since 1st April 2014 there has been small peaks in positive net growth of private estates. See below!

  • Net growth of 15 private estates – 6th April 2014
  • Net growth of 4 private estates – 16th June 2014
  • Net growth of 7 private estates – 30th June 2014

SL Daily Concurrency Levels

Since 1st April 2014 the daily concurrency levels in Second Life are reaching a maximum peak of 56, 000 (down from 62, 000) and a low peak of 30, 000 (up from 29, 000). The median and mean daily concurrency has dropped down to 42, 000 (down from 45, 000 mark).

The average daily concurrency was 44,182 on 1st July 2013 and now it’s 41,791 as of 1st July 2014.

New Signups

Today there are 38,680,411 total signups for Second Life (up from 37,524,063) since the beginning.

The rate of signups on a daily basis is currently between 9, 000 to 13, 000. 

Next Stats Update

My next Second Life statistics blog post will be published in October 2014.

Useful Links

Useful Links for real-time and historical Second Life stats can be found below…



Full recording of The Future of Second Life Q&A session

Here is the full recording of the Firestorm Q&A session that was hosted this morning between Jessica Lyon, Oz Linden and Pete Linden. The video recording lasts for 59 minutes and 10 seconds. This meeting is a must watch for those interested in the future of Second Life. A brief summary can be found on my previous blog post about what happened.

A special recording of Designing Worlds will be happening today at 1pm SLT about maintaining Second Life and more about the new platform from the lab. The show will be recorded for those that can’t attend and the show will be available again on 14th July 2014. Special Guests: Jessica Lyon, Jo Yardley, Maxwell Graf and Pathfinder Lester.

To attend please click the SLURL

Video uploaded by Mal Burns.

Updated: The Future of Second Life live Q&A session

The Firestorm team and the Lindens
The Firestorm team and the Lindens

Update: The live Q&A session through voice was a huge success this morning and special thanks goes to the Firestorm team/Linden Lab for hosting this meeting with the Second Life community. There were 73 people in the Firestorm Auditorium with over 213 viewer’s watching via the online stream. The meeting was strictly about the future of Second Life and there was questions from the SL community nearer the end.

Special Guests: Oz Linden and Pete Linden

Here is the summary on the main points from the meeting between 7am to 8am SLT. 

  • “No plans to shut down Second Life. It’s not going away and we will continue to make SL better” – Pete Linden
  • Smaller active team working on Second Life – Oz Linden
  • “This was exactly the job I was looking for and I’m more than happy to have it” talking about the new platform – Oz Linden
  • Second Life is the most successful virtual world ever  – Pete Linden
  • Second Life and the new platform will run parallel to each other – Pete Linden
  • “The new platform is so far off that alpha or beta won’t happen till next year” – Pete Linden
  • “All that’s changed… we as a company have taken an additional step to be more transparent about…what we’re working on” – Pete Linden
  • “Experience Keys will be will be coming out today” and a new Torley Linden video – Oz Linden
  • “We’re going to keep working on Group Chat until we make it better” – Oz Linden
  • “HTTP pipelining is in the works for Second Life Testing is showing good improvement – Oz Linden
  • “We intend to talk about what we’re doing earlier.. and more actively with the community over time” – Oz Linden
  • “We haven’t announced any pricing changes, and I can’t say that any would be coming” on land tier – Pete Linden
  • 2 Fixes for Second Life ATI texture errors – Oz Linden
  • “It’s not something we’re looking at, at this minute” on increasing group numbers from 42 – Oz Linden
  • “No ban on child avatars” – Pete Linden
  • “No news on last names coming back at the moment. Ebbe is thinking about it” – Pete Linden
  • “Keep logging in..Keep creating things… continuing on with that keeps Second Life the awesome environment that it is” – Pete Linden
  • “No plans to opensource the server code” – Pete Linden

Lets hope for more meetings like this in the near future!