BURN2 Conception 2014 and SL11B Community Celebration opens today

BURN2 Conception 2014

Today at 10am SLT the BURN2 Conception event in Second Life for 2014 opens to the public. Its time to celebrate 11 years on the virtual Playa and celebrate the amazing success the event has had over the years. The theme for this year is Conception  a time to celebrate beginnings, and a time to celebrate the future. The event runs through until 29th June 2014.

BURN2 Center Camp Stage
BURN2 Center Camp Stage

SL11B Community Celebration

Today at 12pm SLT the SL11B community celebration regions opens to the public and there will be huge party to celebrate 11 years of Second Life. Second Life officially turns 11 on Monday 23rd June 2014. There will be free gifts, live music, pod tours, a big SL11B hunt and 11 sims to explore. The theme for this year is “The empires of the future, are the empires of the mind” by Winston Churchill. The event runs through until 29th June 2014.

SL11B Live Stage
SL11B Live Stage

Other SL11B Grid Events

Visit the SL11B page on the Second Life Destination Guide for more SL11B celebrations across the grid.

Which event are you most looking forward to the most for SL11B ? 

SL Go: SL11B promotion

SL11B SL Go promotion

OnLive have announced a new special SL11B promotion for the week ahead by offering new users a promotional code that they can redeem for 75% off the first month of their SL Go subscription.  Combine that with the 7-Day free trial and they will get 5 weeks of SL Go for only $2.50. Click on the banner image (above) to claim your SL Go discount and enjoy. This offer is only valid between 22nd-29th June 2014.

OnLive official statement:

In celebration of Second Life’s 11th birthday, OnLive would like to offer new users of SL Go 75% off the first month of an unlimited access subscription package.  For those unfamiliar with SL Go, this application can super-charge your old PC or Mac turning it into a Second Life super computer capable of rendering ultra-high graphics at maximum draw distances.  Plus, you can now take Second Life with you on your Android tablet.

To claim your SL Go discount, just click the banner image.  US customers should use the US code, and UK customers the UK code.  Hurry, as this offer is only valid during the week of June 22-29, 2014.

Happy 11th Birthday Second Life from OnLive!

More details visit the official SL Go homepage.




SL11B Press Day info and landmarks

SL11B Welcome Area
SL11B Welcome Area

Today at 12pm SLT the SL11B regions were opened to the Second Life press/bloggers to explore the regions and enjoy the views. The welcome area is the first place the SL press goes to receive goodies and the SL11B press pack to find your way around the sims. Then get ready for the exciting tour around the SL11B regions including the main stages/main attractions. There is so much to see and do this year but it will be worth it. If you are unsure about which tour you are attending, please contact Saffia Widdershins or Enya (aquadragon.larsen).

  • The grand opening is tomorrow at 12pm SLT on Sunday 22nd June 2014 over at the “SL11B” regions! 

Press Tour Schedule 

  • Tour 1 started at 2pm SLT
  • Tour 2 started at 4pm SLT
  • Tour 3 starts at 6pm SLT

SL11B Landmarks of Interest

Don’t forget to ride the pod tour and take part in the SL11B big hunt. Have a fantastic time at SL11B press day.

SL11B press day
SL11B press day

Stay tuned for more SL11B blog coverage tomorrow and for the next few weeks.


Linden Lab working on a next generation virtual world

On 20th June 2014 Ebbe Linden went to the TPV developer meeting with some rather interesting news which is that Linden Lab are working on a next generation virtual world and that it will be in the spirit of Second Life. Apparently during the past year or so Linden Lab development team have been working already on the new project. The next generation virtual world will be closed sourced and will not be backward compatible with content from Second Life. Linden Lab believes this is a massive and exciting opportunity ahead in having a new generation virtual world. The lab are now hiring new developers to help out with the next generation virtual world.

The new next generation virtual world will be in beta sometime in 2015/2016. More details will be announced in the next few months or so. It’s still early days! 

Oz Linden with the dev team will remain working on Second Life and Linden Lab have made clear that they are not giving up on Second Life after 11 years so there is no need to panic. Second Life still has many years ahead of it and the platform will continue to develop.

Here is the official statement by Linden Lab about the next generation virtual world.

Linden Lab is working on a next generation virtual world that will be in the spirit of Second Life, an open world where users have incredible power to create anything they can imagine and content creators are king. This is a significant focus for Linden Lab, and we are actively hiring to help with this ambitious effort. We believe that there is a massive opportunity ahead to carry on the spirit of Second Life while leveraging the significant technological advancements that have occurred since its creation, as well as our unparalleled experience as the provider of the most successful user-created virtual world ever.

The next generation virtual world will go far beyond what is possible with Second Life, and we don’t want to constrain our development by setting backward compatibility with Second Life as an absolute requirement from the start. That doesn’t mean you necessarily won’t be able to bring parts of your Second Life over, just that our priority in building the next generation platform is to create an incredible experience and enable stunningly high-quality creativity, rather than ensuring that everything could work seamlessly with everything created over Second Life’s 11 year history.

Does this mean we’re giving up on Second Life? Absolutely not. It is thanks to the Second Life community that our virtual world today is without question the best there is, and after 11 years we certainly have no intention of abandoning our users nor the virtual world they continually fill with their astounding creativity. Second Life has many years ahead of it, and in addition to improvements and new developments specifically for Second Life, we think that much of the work we do for the next generation project will also be beneficial for Second Life.

It’s still very early days for this new project, and as we look ahead in creating the next generation virtual world, we’ll share as much as we can.

If we had one message to share with Second Life users about this new project at this point, it would be: don’t panic, get excited! Again, Second Life isn’t going away, nor are we ceasing our work to improve it. But, we’re also working on something that we think will truly fulfill the promise of virtual worlds that few people understand as well as Second Life users.


For OpenSim this could mean that many OpenSim users may switch to the new platform or leave OpenSim altogether. There might be a slow down in new users joining OpenSim grids when the new generation virtual world arrives. It’s a possibility and don’t forget Philip Rosedale is working on High Fidelity so many may switch over to that when it comes into the beta/public phrase.

Hopefully OpenSim will continue to grow like it is today and continue to invest in new technologies when the new virtual world comes online. There is a strong opensim community for sure with a growing active user base.One thing is for sure OpenSim/Second Life will be still around in some shape or another.

More blog coverage

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SL11B events schedule now available

SL11B first preview
SL11B first preview

Great news is that the SL11B Performance page has now been updated with the master schedule via Google Calendar for SL11B events and live performances. This year you can save/copy your favourite events off by using Google Calendar which is going to be very useful indeed for the next few weeks.

SLURLS for the events can be found in the listings (colour marked) and if you click on the Performance page tab you can select individual stages for the event listings. All times are SLT/PDT.


My blog coverage of SL11B starts from tomorrow at SL11B Press Day, so please stay tuned for that. I can’t wait to see the regions, attend the birthday events and capture the great stuff.

There are now two days left until the grand opening of SL11B community celebration in Second Life and the start of grid-wide celebrations. Please spread the word and get ready for the biggest celebration yet. 🙂

SL11B regions - 2 days left to GO!
SL11B regions – 2 days left to GO!

Are you excited about SL11B ?