SL11B live performances end today

Today is the last day for live performances at the SL11B Community Celebration and the 11 sims will remain open for viewing until Saturday 5th July 2014. There will be no performances during next week but this is the ideal time to explore the sims before they go offline. If you missed any of the SL11B talks during week 1, please check out the videos here of them all.

Well done to all the SL11B staff, volunteers, performers, builders and everyone else who made this year a huge success. I guess the countdown has now started for SL12B which will be held in mid-late June 2015. It will be bigger with more surprises i’m sure. What improvements/ideas would you like to see happen for SL12B ?

New SL11B blog posts worth checking out today!

The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love (yman Juran)
The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love (yman Juran)
Fascinate Auditorium live show_004
Lovely fire show
Fascinate Auditorium live show_008
Week 2 starts now!

Did you enjoy the SL11B live performances this year ? 

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