SL11B Press Day info and landmarks

SL11B Welcome Area
SL11B Welcome Area

Today at 12pm SLT the SL11B regions were opened to the Second Life press/bloggers to explore the regions and enjoy the views. The welcome area is the first place the SL press goes to receive goodies and the SL11B press pack to find your way around the sims. Then get ready for the exciting tour around the SL11B regions including the main stages/main attractions. There is so much to see and do this year but it will be worth it. If you are unsure about which tour you are attending, please contact Saffia Widdershins or Enya (aquadragon.larsen).

  • The grand opening is tomorrow at 12pm SLT on Sunday 22nd June 2014 over at the “SL11B” regions! 

Press Tour Schedule 

  • Tour 1 started at 2pm SLT
  • Tour 2 started at 4pm SLT
  • Tour 3 starts at 6pm SLT

SL11B Landmarks of Interest

Don’t forget to ride the pod tour and take part in the SL11B big hunt. Have a fantastic time at SL11B press day.

SL11B press day
SL11B press day

Stay tuned for more SL11B blog coverage tomorrow and for the next few weeks.


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