7 days free trial period on SL Go

Free Trail SLGo

SL Go today changed its free trail period from 20 minutes to 7 days which is great news and this most welcomed for sure. In recent months SL Go new users only had 20 minutes to use Second Life which was “not sufficient to get a true experience of SL Go”.

From today new users will have one week (free trail) to experience SL Go and to experience Second Life in ultra-high graphics on Android devices. This is a good step in the right direction for the SL Go team to take and hopefully this new change will encourage new users to use it more.

Dennis Harper who is OnLive’s senior product manager for SL Go said this…

OnLive will now be offering new SL Go users a 7-Day Free Trial with sign up for an ‘unlimited access’ subscription package.  A valuable piece of feedback from the Second Life community has been that the 20 minute free trial is not sufficient to get a true experience of SL Go.  Now new users can try SL Go free for an entire week, experiencing Second Life on their Android tablets or seeing how SL Go can render ultra-high graphics even on a lower powered laptop computer.

Impressions of SL Go from the Second Life community have been brilliant so far, and this new 7-day Free Trial will hopefully encourage even more players to check it out.

Dennis Harper
Sr. Product Manager, OnLive

More Information

What are your impressions of SL Go and what needs to happen next ? 

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