Philip Rosedale talks about Second Life and High Fidelity at SVVR 2014

Philip Rosedale at SVVR
Philip Rosedale at SVVR

Philip Rosedale gave a fascinating and interesting keynotes speech today at SVVR 2014 for almost one hour about Second Life and High Fidelity. Over 50 residents watched the keynotes speech live at the LEA Theatre in Second Life. Thanks to Hamlet Au who managed to live tweet during Philip SVVR talk today and here is a copy of those tweets below in time order.


  • High Fidelity’s Ryan Downe real time drumming from a VR-equipped virtual world.
  • “The Revenge of Virtual Reality”
  • “We have a 1987 article at the office about VR about to revolutionize computing”
  • The traditional definition of VR is not accurate
  • Philip’s def. of VR: “Sensory experience in which the results of our actions are consistent w/our past experiences.”
  • We want things to work like the way we remember them or expect them to be. We need that in VR. 
  • As a kid, Philip fascinated by “Game of Life” & the possibility that whole complex systems could emerge from simple rules.
  • Second Life is still the greatest version of virtual reality we have. But we have a long way to go
  • Virtual worlds/reality are still in the trough of Gartner’s hype cycle.
  • In demo, Ryan tries to build in SL – it’s “incredibly difficult’. Why only million in VR, not billions.
  • Face-to-face experience in VR is absolutely riveting if it can be done well, but latency is a problem
  • Skype is faster than cell phones which is why we tend to use Skype for calls more
  • “100 milliseconds is a magic place”
  • Fortunately it only takes 100ms to reach Singapore.
  • “We’re pretty much in range of putting all 7 billion of us” in range of 100 millisecond latency.
  • Virtual worlds of the future are going to look like Pandora in Avatar”
  • “We’re going to be arguing over the price of virtual real estate on Pandora” soon
  • “There’s plenty of room for virtual reality”. Computing power is now limitless.
  • High Fidelity already size of San Francisco. They can already import content from other worlds.
  • Live drumming in a virtual world with a VR suit in High Fidelity.
  • Millions of machines will host the high fidelity virtual world
  • Audience Q: Will High Fidelity have a user marketplace like SL? Yes
  • “Our value add as a company will be as a marketplace, currency, naming system”
  • “If Snowcrash was instruction manual for SL, Ready Player One is awfully inspiring”
  • Audience Q: Will SL merge with High Fidelity? My hope is to interoperate in SL anyway we can.
  • Audience Q: Will you have your own rules on your HF server? Yes
  • We needn’t fear the Oasis of Ready Player One. We should fear our clumsiness in not getting VR right.

There was live coverage via YouTube but due to technical difficulties it was cut half way through only showing the first 26 minutes of Philip Rosedale’s speech. There will be professional videos out next week with much better quality video and audio of the keynote speeches. Stay tuned for that. 

Snapshots of Philip Rosedale’s Keynotes Speech

Philip Rosedale at SVVR
Philip Rosedale at SVVR
LEA Theatre
LEA Theatre
Over 50 residents attended today


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