First SVVR Conference and Expo featuring Philip Rosedale and Ebbe Altberg

LEA Theatre
LEA Theatre

Exciting news this week is that Philip Rosedale and Ebbe Altberg will be having keynote speeches at the first SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) Conference and Expo 2014. This is “The World’s First Professional Conference for Consumer Virtual Reality”. There will be special Second Life coverage for Philip and Ebbe. Please see the times below and enjoy the show!

Live Coverage Now – Philip Rosedale!


Philip Rosedale keynotes (19th)

  • Live coverage will be streamed into Second Life today at the LEA Theatre
  • Starting at 2pm SLT on Monday 19th May 2014.
  • Philip Rosedale
  • Founder of Linden Lab
  • Co-Founder of High fidelity

Ebbe Altberg keynotes (20th)

  • Live coverage starts at 3pm SLT on Tuesday 20th May 2014
  • Also featuring Philip Rosedale, Stefano Corazza, Tony Parisi and the panel will be moderated by Draxtor Despres. 
  • Creating the VR Metaverse
    • One global metaverse or many?
    • Identity and privacy
    • Virtual World Governance: democracies, the greek god model, or benevolent dictators
    • Intellectual property and legal jurisdictions
    • Avatar portability and standards

What is SVVR?

SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) is a fast-growing group of developers, entrepreneurs, hackers, and artists, with an infectious enthusiasm for exploring the possibilities, opportunities, and impact of consumer Virtual Reality.



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