Ever Dreamscape has passed away

I have received some very sad news today that Ever Dreamscape in Second Life sadly passed away last week from liver failure according to her son. She was a good friend of mine and she will be missed deeply in Second Life. My condolences go to her family and friends at this very sad time.

Ever Dreamscape joined Second Life on 12th November 2007 and since then she loved being involved with Bay City events in Second Life. Ever was really nice to everyone she met and she was one of a kind.

Ever Dreamscape:  2007 to 2014

RIP Ever Dreamscape


12 thoughts on “Ever Dreamscape has passed away

  1. I hardly have words….She was one of the funniest and kindest people I have met. Her sense of humour, her energy and ways to make so many people smile will be missed. My thoughts and sympathy go to her family and friends, in both worlds.


    1. Thanks Caitlin for your kind words of Ever.

      This is a very sad day and i’m upset that shes no longer with us. I first connected up with Ever back in early 2012 and we used to talk on a regular basis about SL happenings.

      SL won’t be the same anymore now.


  2. Going to really miss her. She was one of the most pleasant and animated people I’ve ever met. Every meeting brought light my day.
    She was the sort of person I could rattle off to fully into the depths of my frustrations with this or that, and she’d get it, and help me relate my perspective to others just be being there. I tried my best to cheer her up when she would share her struggles with me, but it was hardly an even match.
    – she goes having left a good mark on the world.


  3. I barely knew her, even though I’ve been reading her Bay City stuff for years. I made an off-hand comment on one of her feed posts maybe a month ago; she followed me, I offered friendship inworld and she accepted. I was wondering earlier today why I hadn’t seen anything from her on the feed lately.
    My condolences to all of you who really knew her; in a way I envy you the chance to have done that. It was clear to me just from reading the things she wrote here and there the kind of person she was.


  4. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Sadly, in SL we say goodbye to all together too many people.
    The only bright spot is , for many people SL gives them new friends and a community. Had they stayed in RL only their last months- years may have just been filled with medical stuff .
    Enjoy your memories — I am sure she had them in a special place in her heart.


  5. When i and my soul mate found Bay City and got a place there, we start to go to the Bay city Alliance meetings.
    it was there i meet Ever, a few time after she build the brewery just next to our home and for a few we attend the crazy parties hosted there.
    As live moves on and we shift interests, Sailing become our main entertainment and the visits to our home, sparse and the contact with other bay city members even more.
    Yesterday, when My soul mate told me what she was reading on the group chat (for personal reasons i left Bay city alliance group!) that Ever had passed away, my 1st thought was, it can’t be. The most generous, funny, the one that made us feel at home when we 1st arrive there, can’t be her, our Neighbor!
    Now, i can’t even look at our home, as i cant avoid seing thr Brewery so close and remember how much alive Ever made all look and how she managed to make All, even me, part of the community.
    Farewell Ever, In Heaven you wil, make, All that manage to get there, feel at home as we felt in Bay City.
    Our prayers to Her family and friends.


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