New starter avatars coming next week

Jo Yardley on 24th April 2014 asked Ebbe Linden who is the CEO of Linden Lab “When are the new starter avatars going public?” and Ebbe responded on 5th May 2014 saying that “Team tells me new starter avatars will be live before end of next week“. 

This is excellent news that new residents coming into Second Life from next week between 12th-18th May 2014 will have a choice of better avatars. This will be a good step forward in the right direction to improve the new user experience.

I can’t wait to see the new starter avatars and i’m sure it’s going to make the experience a lot better for new residents joining. Wooot!!!!

5 thoughts on “New starter avatars coming next week

  1. I’m hearing they’re more to-scale, which is very good. I see on Jo Yardley’s latest blog that there is at least one African dude in there who actually looks African and not like a white guy with brown facepaint on.
    (though he’s dressed for a 1970s disco club… /sigh)
    I left this comment on Jo’s blog:
    Glad these are more to scale.
    Since these avatars will likely be full perm, I suspect a whole line of clothing ans customization will start popping up for them.
    But if not – its also possible that by being FINALLY to proper scale, folks will start laughing at the idea of getting one of the stretched on a medieval rack but with t-rex arms shapes currently being used so many in SL.
    Once there are armies of people to-scale running around, bias against shorter avatars is going to get harder to enforce. The places than ban folks under 27-feet tall will start having more pushback.
    While the to-scale crowd is already a larger minority in SL than nekos, and maybe even than furries (especially if you include the to-scale furries)… this might just push it into being the norm.
    Larger folks will appreciate that when they no longer feel pressure to ‘fit in’ and be large… at a smaller size they can make their arms long enough to not look funny… and the ones who want to be tall by theme (like na’vi or just tall folks), will finally get to feel tall.
    Unless of course I’m wrong, log in next week, and see this thing is 18-feet tall just like the old ones…
    (slight exaggeration used above for effect. :p )


    1. Too bad black Americans are not African and don’t actually resemble that avatar… I don’t see why it’s so hard to make clean cut black Americans yet so easy to make clean cut white Americans in every game known to man. I mean black American males have easier hair to design than white American males, most just have a short cut like Justin Timberlake has been copying for years.

      It’s rather offensive how these “designers” act like it’s so hard to design for anyone who isn’t white or Asian.


      1. I agree. The avatar has African features – but his outfit is from a Blaxploitation flic…

        And yes, that IS offensive.

        Its almost sad, to be thankfully that we can at least get this.


      2. Oh on hair. Here in the San Francisco area, most black men and quite a few women are taking to their natural dreadlocks. Its getting confusing as a Rasta now that the style has gone mainstream…


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