Metropolis Grid 6th Birthday snapshots

On 26th April 2014 Metropolis Grid celebrated their 6th birthday and there was a big party on the BD6 sim. There were many well known live musicians, awesome fireworks, many freebie shops and the 6th birthday attendance was high this year. I love the BD6 region look from the map as shown below.

Metropolis Grid came online on 2nd April 2008 and since then it’s been growing a steady rate. I do log into Metropolis Grid regularly to see what’s happening. I’ve been a resident of the Metropolis Grid since 22nd January 2013. Check out the stats here.

Metropolis 6th Birthday Region
Metropolis 6th Birthday Region Map

View my snapshots of the BD6 region from sky level to ground level. Visit today and take a tour around the birthday region before it goes offline.

Metropolis 6th Birthday Region
View from above of the Metropolis 6th Birthday Region
Metropolis 6
A look around the 6th birthday region
Nice water area
Nice water area at the 6th birthday region
Metropolis 6
Happy 6th Birthday!


3 thoughts on “Metropolis Grid 6th Birthday snapshots

  1. ah, yes, I was there-)) you can see from your link to the stats page several columns that can be individually modified via the little “gear” on the upper right. One of the cool features of Metro that gives people options.

    As well, on that same page there are links all over to various other things of interest to Metanuates and Metronautes.

    Here is the forums discussion where I will next let them know you blogged about it. I am not sure when the region will be taken off the grid, but it might be soon, and in any case it can be asked there if one wishes.

    The HG is for those readers of yours who are in hypergated places.

    There were several people involved in the creation of that region, and who are most excellent builders and creators.

    One of your photos shows the main dancing area and there were several wonderful performers…Andremus Miklos, who performs regularly in Metro, the first free opensim performance by TerryLynn Melody, Vanish Sands and a wonderful Metro DJ named Tommy Jonas.

    A cool feature [among many] is the touring leaf set out on one of the sides of the region, which take you thru the water, around the region, and chats in local various things of interest…I took it and it reminded me of similar things I loved in SL.

    regards, Daniel


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