Dirk Talamasca special tribute show by Designing Worlds

Dirk special show

Designing Worlds is back with a brand new season and today there was a special tribute show at 2pm SLT in Second Life to remember Dirk Talamasca who sadly passed away in real life on Sunday 30th March 2014You can watch the recorded Dirk Talamasca special tribute show here featuring historical footage and snapshots of Dirk’s work.

Since then there have been hundreds of personal tribute messages posted on Dirk’s Facebook page. There have been special memorial services in real life and Second Life to remember Dirk during the past month. Dirk will be missed deeply and may he rest in peace. The memories will be with us forever and lets remember the good times.

(1965 – 2014)

Dirk Talamasca

SL11B exhibitor applications now open

SL11B exhibitor applications are now OPEN, so if you are interested in building either on land or underwater for the birthday then now is the ideal time to apply. The closing date for SL11B exhibitor applications is Tuesday 20th May 2014. The theme for SL11B is “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”. 

Last year for SL10B there were over 500 exhibitors applications received. SL10B from start to finish was a big success I thought and hopefully SL11B will be another birthday celebration this year.

Number of applications received for SL10B

  • Over 500 exhibitor applications
  • Over 470 performer applications
  • Over 350 volunteer applications

History of Second Life Birthday themes 

  • SL1B – Second Life First Year Anniversary Gala
  • SL2B – Giant museum displaying various large builds, pictures of SL over time
  • SL3B – Hooray for diversity and Looking towards the future
  • SL4B – “era” of SL
  • SL5B – SL Culture
  • SL6B – The Future of Virtual Worlds
  • SL7B – Unexpected Collaborations
  • SL8B – Magic of Second Life
  • SL9B – Community (resident run event)
  • SL10B– Looking Forward. Looking Back (resident run event)
  • SL11BThe empires of the future are the empires of the mind (resident run event)

NEW:  Check out the brand new second video for SL11B below.

The countdown has started and are you ready to celebrate 11 years of Second Life ?