SL Go one month later

Using the SL Go app

It’s been one month since the first official announcement of new mobile SL Go service which is supplied by OnLive and runs through their servers. During the first week of the announcement there were mixed responses from across the metaverse. Over the past month surveys were sent out to beta testers to help improve SL Go. Many have complained about the high pricing of SL Go during recent weeks and it’s good to hear this month that the pricing model is now cheaper.

SL Go is available for Android tablets, PCs and Macs. Still not available on iOS or iPads yet.

On 3rd April 2014 OnLive announced new updates on pricing and more support for more countries around the world. The pricing model now seems reasonable and its a good price drop I think. I do think more needs to be improved and I’m sure the SL Go team will continue to receive all kinds of feedback to work on.

New SL Go updates

  • Monthly unlimited usage subscription plan for $9.95US/£6.95UK. No commitment – cancel anytime
  • Reduced hourly rates – only $1US/£0.70UK per hour (the free 20-minute trial remains in effect)
  • Expanded international support: now 36 countries (listed below)

SL Go is now supported in the following countries:

Andorra France Lithuania San Marino
Austria Greece Luxembourg Slovakia
Belgium Hungary Malta Spain
Canada Iceland Monaco Sweden
Croatia Ireland Netherlands Switzerland
Cyprus Israel Norway Turkey
Denmark Italy Poland United Kingdom
Estonia Latvia Portugal United States
Finland Lichtenstein Russia Vatican City

This is a good move in the right direction and perhaps more will use SL Go app knowing that the price is much lower than before. Send feedback to the SL Go team here and sign up if this interests you. 



4 thoughts on “SL Go one month later

  1. I’m in France, and I’ve tried SL Go on a Kobo Arc 7 I’ve purchased in september last year (not the last model, so). The experience on Second Life was at least as fluid as the one on my desktop, even if a 7″ screen to go On Second Life is really too small. With the new pricing, it becomes interesting.


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