Dirk Talamasca has passed away

It’s heartbreaking and sad news to report that Dirk Talamasca passed away in real life on Sunday 30th March 2014. Dirk was a developer of virtual worlds, mentor, grid evangelist and good friend. On Dirk Talamasca’s official Facebook page his brother Charlie posted this…

This is Brother Charlie. Dirk is gone. I want everyone to know how much it has meant to us in having your love and support through all of this. May God Bless You All.

My condolences go to family and all his friends at this sad time. Dirk was one of my friends in Second Life and I first met him back in February 2009. Dirk was a lovely friend who really believed in Second Life. The grid has lost great talent and knowledge.

RIP Dirk Talamasca and goodbye. 😦



14 thoughts on “Dirk Talamasca has passed away

  1. I met Dirk twice, the first time he was cursing a little about an viewer update that just happened. The second time was somewhere on Calendon where he explained how hard it sometimes can be to loose people to know dearly only from Secondlife.
    With his departure, we lost one of the best people that the Grid could ever have had. And one of his best and famous words were these: “If your SL is broken, I can fix it.”
    Let’s hope that he can help us fix this emptiness his departure from this world has given us.


  2. Blessings to Dirk and his family and friends – so thankful for all, struck by the loss, and wishing him the best of spiritual journeys.


  3. I first met Dirk in 2006. During the time I knew him, he challenged my Conservative ideology, always encouraged positive dialog and never stopped being the consummate gentleman and advocate for all things Virtual. He has been taken from us far too soon… Rest in peace brother. I will miss you.


  4. Oh my. What incredibly sad news… and it seemed that it was a long struggle at the end, too 😦

    At the very least, his brother said that he smiled a little at the end, and I’m sure that he departed having this feeling of a job well done. He helped uncountable SL residents for so long, and made them smile in return. Just leaving with that happy memory should be relaxing!

    It will be odd not expecting any more IMs from him now and then; he always kept in touch with so many of us…


  5. My dear friend I have not talked to you in many years I will miss you and all you’ve done. Dirk and I spent time together talking about Scripting and building , Just talking about how SL would Grow , I Know if you have been a part of his life then he was a major part of yours. “Go Big or Log Off” as he used to say to me . Miss you old friend.


  6. I have known Dirk since my beginning in SL 8 years ago. He was always good to me. We enjoyed intelligent conversation and many laughs through the years. What happened? He was not that old.


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