InWorldz 5th Birthday starts in five days time

There are five days remaining until InWorldz officially turns five years old and this year the InWorldz community will be having a big birthday celebration. The InWorldz 5th birthday celebrations starts on Sunday 16th March through to Wednesday 2nd April 2014.

Currently the builders are hard at work preparing for the 5th birthday and this year there are 34 IW5 birthday regions each with a different interesting theme. There will live birthday events, contests, races, DJ events, hunts, storytelling, fashion shows and much more during the duration of the InWorldz 5th Birthday celebrations.

This is certainly going to be the one of the biggest events the community has ever hosted and I strongly recommend everyone to come along to have fun. Spread the word and bring friends to the party. Check out these newly released maps below showing the InWorldz 5th Birthday regions layout.

IW5 birthday sims
IW5 birthday sims

Here is the map of the IW5 regions and I have to point out that building work is still ongoing on the sims. It’s going to be fascinating I think to visit the IW5 birthday builds this year and attend birthday events that will be held. I’m excited and I can’t wait! 🙂

IW5 birthday sims
IW5 birthday sims

Poll: Will you be attending InWorldz 5th Birthday ?

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