Trying out the InWorldz Info app

Recently I heard about a new Android app called InWorldz Info from the Google Play store which gives out the latest news, events and grid updates which is fantastic for anyone that wants to find out the latest grid happenings.

The InWorldz Info app has been installed more than 250+ times so far which is great and hopefully the installs count will rise much higher soon. The app requires devices to be running android version 2.2+ to open up. It’s currently on version and it’s a 10.39MB download the app.

Stay connected while on the go for news, events, grid updates and more for InWorldz Virtual World!

Now our users don’t need FB or Twitter to stay connected! Join our mailing list, get push notifications of important events, be reminded of upcoming events so you can plan your virtual life better!

When opening the app for the first time the home screen will appear with large InWorldz logo with general information underneath it with social media links. There are many tabs to touch along the bottom like Events, Forums, Support, Cafe Shop, Videos, Contact Us, Photos, Facebook, Twitter, Join List and another Events tab.

The InWorldz Info app home screen from my smart phone.

InWorldz Info app

I think the InWorldz Info has great potential in the future and hopefully the app will be used more if new improvements are made on a regular basis. It’s a great start so far and it can only get better with time. 🙂

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