Seraph City closing down in mid-March 2014

Seraph City 2014
Seraph City 2014

The well-known Seraph City region in Second Life will be closing down in mid-March 2014 and the predicted date is 16th March 2014. There have been reports on Plurk and Twitter about the closure however it’s not known why its actually closing down. If the region goes offline it will be a big loss for the grid and a real shame. Seraph City is a beautiful place to visit and a great place to explore in Second Life.

Seraph City
The main hall

The theme of the city is based around retro-futurism called Deiselpunk and primarily art deco. Seraph City has shops, theatres, cafes, libraries, trains, old vehicles and much more. It’s a very quiet region these days and sometimes it feels like a ghost city.

Come visit the best dieselpunk city of yesterday’s future!
-Enjoy an era of Art Deco and prohibition!
-Take a stroll down our streets and find your home, land for rent parcels to build on residential and commerical dieselpunk, pulp, noir, 20s

Flying around Seraph City
Flying around Seraph City

As many know already Seraph City has been featured on The Blackened Mirror series during the past few years. I decided to spend a few hours exploring the city and take snapshots.

Seraph City Map

Seraph City Map
Seraph City Map

More snapshots of Seraph City can be found on my SL Flickr stream. Have you visited Seraph City before ? and what do you think about Seraph City closing down next month ?. Hopefully the region will be saved but its unclear at this stage. More updates soon!


12 thoughts on “Seraph City closing down in mid-March 2014

  1. I think the simplest answer to your question (why is Seraph City closing?) is your own observation (sometimes it feels like a ghost city). I encourage those who have favorite places in Second Life to make those places a priority, in both your time and your budget. I love our social butterflies as much as the next person, and I certainly support mutual engagement between different communities, but if an estate is going to be sustainable, it needs both high paid occupancy and a level of activity on the part of residents that attracts and engages the casual visitor. Sims that don’t need these two elements are largely vanity projects (not intended pejoratively, since I am about to embark on just such a project!). These vanity projects will exist as long as—but only as long as—they meet the creative or social needs of their patrons without exceeding their budget.

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  2. Oh no!!! I LOVED that place! Well, If they want a sim for the fraction of the cost they should bring that beauty on over to Inworldz! (erm, yes I’m biased. I’d LOVE to have them as a neigbour *grins* )


  3. While I do not like seeing SL continue to lose interesting regions, the sad fact is that software is moving on, as it does.

    If one is so inclined to continue or attempt to rebuild some of these places, is the only commercial grid offering current pricing structures and the ability to save the regions to your own computer. This is the current innovation going on now.

    As well, if one has some technical skills or can partner with someone who does, they can rebuild in OpenSim running their own grid, with full god powers and the ability to save their inventories in the form of IARs and their region in OARs. is one of the several hosting providers who can be contacted for such information and help.

    If one wishes to connect to a large and active grid in the free Metaverse, then is a very good choice.

    Of those options, Kitely is the only commercial grid similar to SL, and is the largest in region count of such in the Meta…many oldbies are going there, or are already in there or the others.

    In any case, though it is sad that SL is having problems, technology allows people to do more and save it all so it is never lost, now, if one wishes to look into such things.


    1. Unsure why you were not able to see topic was regarding something being lost in Secondlife.?
      why your using it as a platform for selling tactics to try and lure people away from secondlife.
      How about next time piggybacking and advertising on a less sensitive subject.


  4. Sad news this sim is my favorite one in SL even if due to time difference I have never been able to attend any event. Shame I never had the financial potential to give a hand to help Seraph to stay alive.
    I wish to thank the people thank to whom Seraph existed.


  5. Well one reason the region might be closing is it was Tripska Pumpkins masterpiece as far as I know he has not logged in since last autumn with his stores closed & mainland abandoned.
    No info I am aware of why he left or if he will ever return.

    Could it just be the costs of tiers are hard on the others who are owners in the group with it being $ 300 dollars the cost of a new luxury cars in payments. even is split its still a lot
    combined with rapid withdraw of venders inworld to the marketplace while turning fine shopping areas like the ones in Seraph City into a ghost town.


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