The Drax Files Radio Hour show 6 featuring mesh, OBR, hypergrid and more

Today show 6 of the drax files went live named the reality of virtuality featuring many interesting talking points this week. Special guests this week includes Saffia Widdershins and Peter Ludlow. The Drax Files radio hour is a audio podcast by Draxtor Despres and Jo Yardley. The show is already recorded in advance and goes out on Fridays. 

Show 6 talking points in this podcast 

  • Fitted Mesh announcement  
  • One Billion Rising is happening now 
  • Peter Ludlow talks about governance in virtual worlds, griefer management and investigative journalism
  • SL Winter Games starts next month 
  • Hypergrid/OpenSim show is in the works
  • And more!

You can watch previous shows of the drax files radio hour here. Spread the word about this great weekly podcast in Second Life. I’m looking forward to a show about the hypergrid and OpenSim in the coming weeks because it’s not yet been covered in the weekly podcast.

  • What topics would you suggest for upcoming shows of The Drax Files radio hour ?
  • Please comment below!

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