First ever SL Winter Games opens 15th March 2014

The first ever SL Winter Games will be opening to the public on Saturday 15th March and will last through until Saturday 22nd March 2014. This is really exciting news as you can sign up for exciting competitions such as snowboard races, curling, ski jumping, ice hockey, snowboard half-pipe, downhill ski races and much more. There will be DJs, parties, live music and hundreds of people attending the events.

SL Winter Games 2014

Welcome to Chamonix City

Ski Jumping area

The Ski Jumping area

The first ever SL Winter Games will be held at lovely venues across the Chamonix City region in Second Life. Chamonix City has agreed to host the Winter Games and it’s set to be the biggest event of the year for the SL community. Open for everyone to have fun and set new records.


If you are interested in participating then contact either Marianne McCann (Bay City) or Drewski Northman (East River Federation) through a message inworld to receive a registration form. The deadline is Friday 28th February 2014.

SL Winter Games 2014

The Ice Hockey Arena

I’m really excited about attending and being part of the first ever SL Winter Games event in March 2014. Please spread the word about this upcoming event and visit with friends. 🙂


5 thoughts on “First ever SL Winter Games opens 15th March 2014

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  2. Wolf Baginski

    The Rain Island Army Union’s Biathlon Team would love to compete, but they have been permanently disqualified after using laser-guided bombs to make sure of the targets.


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