Linden Lab launches Fitted Mesh

Great news that Linden Lab have officially announced that Fitted Mesh is now available in the main Second Life viewer. “Fitted Mesh gives Second Life content creators the power to craft mesh garments that make avatars look their absolute best”. Watch the new Fitted Mesh video by Torley Linden below to learn more and to see the new changes.


4 thoughts on “Linden Lab launches Fitted Mesh

  1. Now i do believe its a great step on the right direction, but nevertheless i wonder, how many will even bother to look at it? Seeing so many (and yes im in world all days quite a few hours on public places of every kind of events to know what im speaking about!) that still use Old invisible prims that don’t render on LL Alm, i guess that materials (that i love to use and wear, at least creators are keep working on some only a few lucky ones (those who have Alm enabled all times, and to see how many don’t even know or are using old dated viewers, 99 pct when i speak about Alm ask em what is that (cause on their viewers the graphics options dont have the advanced light management option or still use, as firestorm non beta, the old deferred rendering box!)


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