The Drax Files Radio Hour show 4 featuring Rod Humble

Show 4 is now available of The Drax Files Radio Hour featuring Rod Humble’s departure from Linden Lab. In this outstanding radio hour find out about different view points from the SL community about Rod Humble leaving, the talk about the next CEO, the announcement about cloud party closing down and much more.

I think that Drax and Jo Yardley do a outstanding job at making weekly pod-casts about the metaverse. It’s world class, informative, interesting and the interviews with the guests is magical.

On 31st January Drax released The Drax Files episode 16 called Feed A Smile which is just brilliant and rocks. My owl avatar is featured in this episode at 4 minutes and thirty six seconds. Yay!

“A child in Kenya can eat today because your avatar gave 100 Linden Dollars at this concert!”.

The Drax Files rocks and I can’t wait to listen/watch more exciting episodes. I’m a big fan!

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