InWorldz 5th Birthday planning details released

InWorldz will be celebrating its big 5th birthday from 16th March through to 2nd April 2014. This year there will be 21 sims (IW Events sims) to celebrate the biggest birthday that grid has ever seen before. Each sim will be showcasing different aspects of InWorldz and there will be always things to do during the 5th birthday.

See the breakdown below of the InWorldz 5th Birthday regions showing different themes for each. I’m excited already and it’s going to be fantastic this year. I will be blogging for sure about the upcoming 5th birthday in two months time and I’ll be sharing my snapshots on my Flickr stream.

For details can be found on the InWorldz 5th Birthday thread on the InWorldz Forums. For the latest news join the InWorldz Events Committee group on the InWorldz grid to stay updated.

InWorldz 5th Birthday
InWorldz 5th Birthday

Contact Eve / EC / EventsCoordinator InWorldz if you are interested and for more information about the 5th birthday of InWorldz.

Previous InWorldz Birthdays

Are you excited about the 5th InWorldz Birthday ? Share your views in comments. Thank you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “InWorldz 5th Birthday planning details released

  1. This seems like a nice grid that also is the only grid outside SL not using the free version of the software but develop in house instead .. ‘ interesting ‘,
    5 years is a long time maybe they will get some traction with advertisement this year if not in 8yrs it will look like a mix between part active worlds/ part spoton3d but lets hope not a lot of dreams riding on it for them, holds up my wine glass here’s to another 5 years for these inworldz people.


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