The Blackened Mirror Season 2 episode 4 airs after delay

After weeks of delay episode 4 of The Blackened Mirror Season 2 aired on Sunday 26th January 2014 and the episode title is named “Missing You”. There are just two more episodes to go until season 2 ends. I have to say that Season 2 has been very entertaining to watch so far and the story lines have been great. I hope that Season 3 goes ahead and perhaps a Season 4 at some point in the near future. 

Episode 4 is here! 

Episode 4 details 

Quinn is back in Seraph City — his home. Or so he expects. But this is a very different Seraph City, it seems — and there are some shocks in store for the detective hero. “Meet at the office.” That was the arrangement. But what will Quinn find there?

Season 2 air-dates

  • Episode 2.1 : Reversals of Fortune (Dec. 1)
  • Episode 2.2 : Friends of Old (Dec. 8)
  • Episode 2.3 : Catching Up (Dec. 15)
  • Episode 2.4 : “Missing You” (Jan. 26)
  • Episode 2.5 : “No More Angels” (Feb. 2)
  • Episode 2.6 : “Decisions” (Feb. 9)

Visit The Blackened Mirror Website for more information and the chance to watch previous episodes.


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