New details and dates for Relay For Life of Second Life 2014

On 22nd January 2014 the first news edition from Nikki Mathieson was published via group notice for the 2014 RFL of SL season which starts very soon. Nikki Mathieson is the 2014 RFL of SL Event Chair and apparently more than 110,000 USD has already been earned for the 2014 fund-raising season which is incredible.

This year marks the tenth year anniversary for Second Life Relay For Life and I do think its going to be the biggest season ever with more new records being set. Hopefully more will take part this year as it’s the tenth year anniversary which is going to be very special indeed.

Don’t forget to add these important dates on your calendars because the countdown has started. 🙂

New details and dates 

  • Team Registration starts on 8th February 2014 and it’s recommended to start organising your RFL teams now if you interested this year. More details will be sent soon in the RFL of SL Volunteer group.
  • Convio Challenge is back and it starts in the first week of February 2014. Teams will be able to raise their team totals up by using the convio tool and more.
  • Kick-Off Celebration ceremony will take place on 8th March 2014. It will be a multi-team celebration event over the weekend to kick-off the 2014 RFL of SL season.
  • Halfway There: There will be no single Halfway There Fair event this year apparently but instead there will be a Halfway There Journey which will be a week long starting 4th May until 10th May 2014.  There will be scheduled team events travelling from event to event.
  • Relay Weekend: This year the relay weekend will take place on 19th-20th July 2014.
  • Teams R Us: There won’t be any teams r us activities this year apparently
  • Relay RAP: T1 Radio will return as the main broadcaster for 2014 RFL of SL season. The first episode will be aired on 2nd February 2014
  • Wrap-Up Party:  August 2014 

Mega RFL Events 2014 

  • Paint SL Purple8th February 2014
  • Fashion For Life4th to 14th April 2014
  • Fantasy Fair1st to 11th May 2014
  • Fiction for a Cure16th to 26th May 2014
  • The 7th Sci-Fi Convention30th May to 8th June 2014
  • SummerTime Breedables Fair6th to 20th July 2014
  • The Home & Expo16th to 28th September 2014
  • Xmas Expo & Breedables Fair5th to 15th December 2014

New Logo & Theme 

This year’s RFL logo for 2014 was designed by the Sunshine Zhangsun. This year’s theme is A Journey of Promise which sounds very encouraging.

RFL of Second Life 2014

Spread the word and take part in one the biggest annual grid events there is in Second Life. I can’t wait for the 2014 season to get underway and it’s going to be another amazing year.

InWorldz Relay For Life 2nd Season 2014 

Planning for the RFL of IW 2014 season is underway and dates are yet to be set. I do think that other OpenSim grids should support Relay for Life which would be fantastic. I’ll be sure to blog about it and spread the word about it.

Lets support, hope and continue the fight to a cure in 2014.

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