Craft World on OpenSim 4th anniversary details

The 4th anniversary of Craft World on OpenSim will be celebrated on Monday 27th January 2014 in the Chameleon region at 12pm SLT. A new poster is live on the Craft World homepage and at the Welcome Area. I signed up to Craft World back on 2nd May 2012 and I log in regularly to see what’s going on.

Grid Stats (23rd January 2014)

  • Total assets: 3092130 
  • Total regions: 153
  • Total local users: 3984
  • Local users last 30 days: 237
  • Visitors last 30 days: 368
  • Total users last 30 days: 605
  • Users last day: 110

The 4th anniversary celebration of Craft World will include live music, dancing, a building competition and much more. Check out the new poster below! 


Don’t miss the 4th anniversary event in Craft World and invite friends over to join the party.


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