New InWorldz development roadmap for 2014

Tranquillity Dexler published a new InWorldz development roadmap for 2014 on the InWorldz Tech Blog today. The roadmap goes into great detail about the current development work list from the InWorldz team and it includes upcoming features coming during 2014.

These are really wonderful plans and I can’t believe how many projects there are in the roadmap. I’m very excited about the future and it’s great being part of a fast growing grid.

There is so much to look forward to this year on the grid of InWorldz in 2014 and here is a summary of the new features below.

Current Development

  • Maestro – Grid Management > (Code is 95% complete, beta testing starts within a week)
  • InWorldz Viewer 2.x – Pushing to be the default download > (First quarter of 2014)
  • Scenic region partner rezzing > (100% complete, in testing)
  • InWorldz “Project Stratus” hybrid asset system > (80% complete, in development)

Short term changes coming soon 

  • Physics accelerated llCastRay is now available on the beta grid (Matt)
  • llSetKeyframedMotion in development (Matt)
  • Fixes and improvements for many physics functions including llMoveToTarget/region crossing and physical object grab and drag. (Balpien Hammerer)
  • Many fixes for vehicle functions including boat hulls seemingly scraping/bottoming out even in deep channels. (Balpien Hammerer)
  • Vehicle fixes in progress to make more SL vehicle scripts behave closer to how they work in SL.(Balpien Hammerer)

Upcoming features in 2014 

  • InWorldz InShape – open beta testing and launch > (Q1 2014)
  • Project Thoosa Phase 2 & 3 > (estimate Q2-3 2014)
  • Full analysis and debugging for region crossing and teleport issues due to client side  interaction > (estimate Q1 2014)
  • Website makeover and support work > (estimate Q3/4 2014)

Deadlines not set yet 

  • Avatar-as-a-prim 
  • Export permission implementation
  • Inter-region communications enhancements and fixes
  • Object name registry

There will be more improvements made to InWorldz during 2014 including performance, reliability and new features. InWorldz will be using a large amount of resources for promotion this year and revamping the registration process to improve the user’s end experience. InWorldz will for sure increase in numbers in terms of more active users, regions and popularity.

In the past month according to Hypergrid Business InWorldz had 7,576 active users, gained 1,803 new registered users and has a total of 1,327 regions making it one of the most popular OpenSim grids there is currently.

Big cheers to the InWorldz founders and developers for making InWorldz more amazing and better than ever before. Woooot! 🙂

8 thoughts on “New InWorldz development roadmap for 2014

  1. Something that you and your readers should keep in mind with this grid is that their retention is very bad. The problem is that hyping them gives people the false impression it is a goto grid, which is false.

    Two points can be easily seen.

    First, if you view Constanzas own limited postings, you can note here:

    “Since December 24th 2012 until December 29th 2013:

    InWorldz gained 169 new regions, 23839 new signups and 1867 active users”

    So you can easily note that while it shows quite a few signups [while also still keeping in mind this is not all that much in the first place], the actual amount of people who were actively using this grid over this year is very, very small.

    So clear eyed viewers can note that while there is some bit of hype about this particular grid, and people go check it out [or at least signup], most leave.

    This can also serve the negative purpose of having some people think that if this is all there is in OS, then they will just go back to SL [something some people may actually like seeing…lol]

    As well, their percent of activity to total users has been running around the neighborhood of 8.5% for some time. This can also show clear-eyed thinkers that of those who are active there, it is not much activity, likely more along the lines of going in to upload content to Inbiz or maybe going to an event or so.

    As well, since it is obvious from viewing hypergridbusiness monthly statistics reports that most people are moving to hypergrid enabled places, and inwz will likely never enable HG, it is best for your readers to watch such things.

    For a commercial grid, at present, the only one promising this in a timely matter is Kitely.

    I recently blogged my own thoughts on this aspect here:

    Of course, I would suggest people give up all this commercial grid stuff and find peace in free Opensim, but that is not for everyone-))


    1. Thanks, Minethere for the links and your views on inworldz/hypergrid. Kitely and other opensim grids are doing just as good I think.

      The list of current/upcoming projects is impressive and its exciting indeed.


      1. welcome…lol-)) as to Mera, she typifies the type of unbalanced people [thankfully not the majority, on inwz, who feel that they are personally being attacked, and cannot help themselves to respond personally with their own drama.

        It is some strange stalking thing she has decided to do with me, any mention I make of that grid, and I am sorry she brought it here, as you don’t deserve it. I just ignore such people.

        The truly funny part is not only does she show why inwz should be avoided [or such as her], she actually does not realize her own drama in the matter.

        I love seeing such poster children as I know there are smart people who see it for what it is.


  2. /me reads Minetheres last comment and a quote pops up in her mind:
    “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it” ~ George Bernard Shaw



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