The Blackened Mirror Season 2 episode 4 delayed

Episode four of The Blackened Mirror Season 2 has been delayed until Sunday 26th January 2014 due to “complexities in the post-production phase” according to Prim Perfect’s Blog. The second half of the season will be full of shocks and excitement. The Blackened Mirror is a must watch Second Life TV series featuring “elements of film noir, steampunk, classic Lovecraft horror”.

Here is the recap of the first three episodes of The Blackened Mirror Season 2  just in case you missed any of them. 

Episode 1: Reversals of Fortune

Episode 2: Old Friends

Episode 3: Catching Up

Episode 4: Missing You – Sunday 26th January 2014

Season 2 Release Schedule

Episode 2.1 : Reversals of Fortune (Dec. 1)
Episode 2.2 : Friends of Old (Dec. 8)
Episode 2.3 : Catching Up (Dec. 15)
Episode 2.4 : “Missing You” (Jan. 26)
Episode 2.5 : “No More Angels” (TBC)
Episode 2.6 : “Decisions” (TBC)

What are your views on season 2 so far ?

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