Using the free InWorldz Explorer HUD 8.0

IW Explorer HUD 2014

At the InWorldz Desert Island on the information board there is a free copy of The Explorer HUD to pick up. This is a great way of discovering new and popular landmarks on the grid of InWorldz in 2014.

The free HUD is ideal for existing residents of InWorldz and newcomers joining InWorldz today. The Explorer HUD gets updated every two months by the wonderful The IL Busters Team with new landmarks and improvements.

Latest HUD Stats

  • Current Version: IW Explorer Hud 8.0 IFB – As of 12th January 2014
  • Version 8.0 total amount of LMs: 604

Step-by-Step Guide 

  • Grab a free copy of the HUD at the information board located in the welcome area
  • Open Inventory > Right Click on InWorldz Explorer 8 > Wear HUD

IW Explorer HUD 2014

  • Click on Categories button on the HUD > Choose a Category (6 pages) > Use Prev/Next buttons to browse through landmarks and enjoy!
  • Touch green area on HUD to teleport to selected Destination chosen

IW Explorer HUD 2014

List of HUD Landmark Categories 

Page 1: Art/ Exhibits, Attractions, Sports, Freebies, Hangouts, Music, Role Play, Scenics & Adults Only

Page 2: Accessories, Animations, Bodywork, Clothes, Furniture, Land/Rent, Mails, Prefabs & Animals

Page 3: Art/Deco, Design, Gadgets, Gardening, Landscaping, Nautical, Services, Vehicles & Food

Page 4: Gifts, Well Being, Instruments, Games, Airports, Marinas & Race Tracks

Page 5: Kids, Babies, Tinies, Furries, Mer People, Elves, Fairies, Nekos & Special Avies

Page 6: Classes, Center, Libraries, Sandboxes, Sculpties, Scripting, Mesh, Textures & Tools

The IL Busters Team

Special thanks goes to all of the IL Busters Team for creating this amazing HUD for InWorldz residents to use. Great work!

  • Fox Butternut
  • Fleure Homewood
  • Rhiannon Boronski
  • Eaelraom Platthy
  • Rain Stormfront
  • Sunny Day
  • Teal Etzel
  • Judy Dressler

This HUD is updated automatically every time it is rezzed on the grid. Grab a free copy today and spread the word about version 8. My personal HUD rating: 10/10.

7 thoughts on “Using the free InWorldz Explorer HUD 8.0

  1. The HUD is a great concept and no doubt a useful buying/selling tool but I am disappointed by the new policy limiting creators to two stores per region due to the HUD’s size limits. For multiple-product creators like myself, i.e. I make cars, boats, trees, fish, menswear, ladieswear, skins, shapes, houses, trees, landscaping supplies, furniture, adult beds, land rentals, scripted gadgets, etc, it is impossible to combine these into two landmarks. And I am only one of the content creators on my main island, so it affects more people than just me. It will be good if the team can find a way to overcome these limitations so that multiple-product creators, and region owners who have commercial tenants, will be allowed to list their offerings as well. Then it will be a very comprehensive tool. Until then, imagining the HUD to be truly indicative of the product range available in IW, is far from correct. But kudos to the dev team so far. They are putting in a lot of effort and hopefully it will work out well for everyone in the end. Good luck with the project.


    1. Thanks Xay. It’s a very useful HUD indeed and I’m impressed by the amount of categories there are to explore on the grid of InWorldz. Loads to see now that I didn’t even know off.

      Great job to the HUD team.


  2. Xay,

    Please wear Version 8 and revisit. We have added most of your shops and spots in hud under related categories. Don’t know where you got this “two shops per region” rule but is not exact nor applied. I personally updated one we had for fish farm, and added 7 to the hud for your other activities in last update for V8.

    More than one merchant has LM’s in various categories when they have different products. Is your case also and I have all the history of what we did for you.



    1. Hi Judy,

      I’m glad to hear that they have been included. Thank you. I got the “the two shops per region” policy, which was very clearly stated to me and the reasons for it as I’ve outlined above, from one of the IL Buster Team listed above, whose name ofc I won’t put in a public forum like this as I’m sure s/he is just doing their job. Will contact you by IM inworld with the details for your own reference.



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