Pixie Viewer delays and legal stuff before public release

The Pixie Viewer team recently published a post update on the official Pixie Viewer Blog called I can see an Easter Bunny… and here is the latest news that is available.

  • The commercial version of the Pixie Viewer (for OpenSIm) has been delayed to the public.
  • The Pixie Viewer teams says thanks to all supporters. 
  • The main developer had a bad accident and work stopped for some weeks.
  • The Pixie Viewer team working on legal stuff before the public release. 

The Pixie Viewer allows users to visit OpenSim grids without the need of installing software or any plugins. It’s based on HTML5 and runs in Chrome, Firefox and other popular interest browsers.

Pixie Viewer is currently in the Alpha/Beta phrase. The commercial version and public release launch is expected anytime between now and May 2014 hopefully. I would imagine sometime during Easter 2014 but we will have to wait and see.

I have contacted the Pixie Viewer team to find out the latest developments and hopefully I’ll receive a response soon. When I hear more I’ll publish update 2 on my blog.


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