The owl visits Britannia Village & Seaside

Today I went to visit the well-known Britannia Village & Seaside destination in Second Life which is full of nice areas to visit like Pier 7Seas Fishing, the seaside, The Tower of London, Stonehenge and more. It’s a wonderful location to visit in Second Life and I strongly recommend everyone to visit the Britannia Village & Seaside in 2014.

The new 2014 7Seas Fishing area on and under the new Britannia Pier

Pier 7Seas Fishing 2014

The owl lands on the X 

Britannia Village & Seaside 2014

Places to visit > Fantasy British Village, Seaside & Pier. Doctor Who,  fishing, 7Seas,  Kasterborous, Britain, England,  Glastonbury Tor, Archery, En Garde, Stonehenge, NLS, TARDIS, Robin Hood, London, Eastbourne, Sussex, Brighton, Hastings, Dr Who, London Village

The amazing pier at Britannia Village

Britannia Village & Seaside 2014

One small step for the owl. one more step for owl kind

Britannia Village & Seaside 2014

My personal rating of Britannia Village & Seaside: 10/10 

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