Much loved SL friends we lost in 2013

In 2013 the SL community lost many well known friends and the grid again lost great talent. They will never be forgotten and the good memories will be with us forever. It’s so sad hearing about well known SL avatars passings during the year and my condolences goes to the family/friends affected.

Tributes go to the following…

Rest in peace. We will miss you! 

If you know of any others that passed away in Second Life during 2013, please comment below and lets remember.


8 thoughts on “Much loved SL friends we lost in 2013

  1. Thasius Vaher, mesh creator, well known within the scifi community, passed away over these holidays at the age of 28, because of an accident.
    A last goodbye will be organized tomorrow, juanary the first at 3 pm slt.
    He was a lively and happy guy, and will be missed 😦


  2. Walt Faulds. Sometimes there are people who you never really know much about, but they are always there in the background giving support, being ever so kind. When they are gone you notice and hope they knew how much their presence and kindness was felt. Walt was one of these people. Loved dearly by his close friends and respected and missed by all those who had the honour of meeting him.


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