Which episode of The Drax Files is your favourite of 2013 ?

Draxtor Despres started the new series of The Drax Files back in March 2013 and there have been 15 brilliant and very fascinating videos featuring many different avatars/places across Second Life. The stories have been amazing with so many emotions and fantastic adventures. As of today the The Drax Files video series has been viewed 84, 736 times on YouTube which has been so popular with the SL community since March 2013. I can’t wait to see what Drax will film in 2014 and its going to rock for sure. Each episode is very unique in it’s own way I think and it really does showcase the best of Second Life.

Which episode of The Drax Files is your favourite of 2013 ?

What should Drax film in Second Life in 2014 ? 


6 thoughts on “Which episode of The Drax Files is your favourite of 2013 ?

  1. Hi Daniel thank you so much for supporting the series! We hope to expand the concept of bringing community voices together via the podcast which starts soon. So what is MY favorite episode folks may ask? Well, I have to cheat in order to answer because it is the episode THAT I HAVE NOT DONE YET but will in the coming year: whatever it may be = a young entrepreneur who paid for college by engaging in virtual commerce, the Italian designer with Autism who finds SL a place without judgement or the woman who helps starving children in Africa by raising money in Second Life. The African-American fashion designer who experiments with her ethnicity in-world, the 75-year old philosopher lecturing in the metaverse about the meta-reality [and I mean the concept not the semi-weekly scream-fest!]. So there are soooo many stories and I am only one person [+ Jo for the radio show soon] & I wish wish wish there would be a way to invest more time into covering the amazing stories that are out there. Happy New Year my friend!


  2. Daniel, in this poll you can vote multiple times. I apologize but I’m curious and I tried to vote again, after my first vote. So I made 4 times the same rating for the episode Ole Etzel (now that episode is at the forefront of the survey). I beg your pardon ….. I could not resist ^ ____ ^


  3. Poll Results – 1st January 2014

    1st Place > Episode 13: Creations for Parkinson’s 68.39% (106 votes)
    2nd Place > Episode 2: Jo Yardley 10.97% (17 votes)
    3rd Place > Episode 5: Engrama 3.87% (6 votes)


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