Linden Lab looks back at 2013 and ahead to 2014

Linden Lab released a blog post today on the official Second Life blog called A Look Back on Second Life’s 10th Year which the lab reflects back on 2013. The biggest event of 2013 was Second Life reaching it’s 10th birthday which was very special indeed. There have been many great improvements made to Second Life this year and all of the details can be found on the blog post. Linden Lab at the bottom of the blog post mentions what’s coming in 2014.

Improvements made to Second Life in 2013

  • More than 3, 000 new entries added to the Second Life Destination Guide
  • Project Sunshine added faster and more reliable avatar loading
  • Project Interesting reduced load times and the time to draw objects in regions
  • Materials support enabled everyone to create photorealistic textured objects inworld using normal and specular maps
  • The Fitted Mesh Project expanded the creative potential of mesh
  • CHUI introduced a new hub user interface to communicate inworld
  • SLShare introduced an opt-in feature to share inworld locations, photos, check-ins with Facebook

What’s coming in 2014 

  • Second Life on Mobile devices
  • Full integration of the Oculus Rift
  • And much more

What were your highlights of 2013 in Second Life and what would you like to see happen in 2014 ? 







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