Osprey Therian has passed away

It’s very sad news that on 9th December 2013 Osprey Therian passed away in real life due to battling against MS. I was a friend of Osprey and I followed her Twitter updates. Osprey was  lovely person and very kind to all. Osprey will be missed deeply by the SL community and RL family. 😦

If you knew her please send tribute messages on her SL profile page.

RIP Osprey Therian

Osprey Therian



7 thoughts on “Osprey Therian has passed away

  1. There will be a memorial celebrating Vivian Kendall, Osprey’s physical life counterpart, on Saturday, December 14, at 10:00 am SLT at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bodega/225/112/23 – I think a mass donning of her moth wings and, perhaps, a flight to the Moth Temple may be in order.

    Vivian wanted her avatar, Osprey Therian, to continue on as a fictional character in virtual worlds, much like the role Magellan Linden plays for Second Life. Her last SL-related Tweet illustrates this:

    To celebrate the transition of Osprey’s new role, she will be going through a portal in Rodeo on Sunday, December 15, at 10:00am SLT to help find Salazar Jack. All longtime role play friends and cohorts are welcome to attend, assist with the sendoff, or follow her through at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rodeo/31/29/50

    Osprey’s Second Life profile will be updated to reflect Vivian’s passing and the avatar changes. A new Twitter account has been created for the now fictional Osprey Therian character:

    More details will be posted at http://kahruvel.com/


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