New Lumiya version 2.5.6 is available to download

Today there is a new version (2.5.6) of the popular Lumiya android app which is now available to download and install. This new version comes with many new features, improved performance and it fixes many issues. Since the launch of Lumiya there have been 10,000 – 50,000 installs of the app which is amazing.

What’s new in version 2.5.6?

  • Sending and receiving group invites;
  • Support for persistent mute/block list;
  • Option to view your own profile;
  • L$ transaction log;
  • Improved performance when handling large chat histories;
  • Improved performance of flexible prims in 3D mode;
  • Fixed an issue with touching complex mesh objects;
  • Fixed a few known crash issues.

I really enjoy using the Lumiya app on a regular basis because it’s simple and fast to access Second Life/OpenSim grids. The app handles everything alright on my smartphone and tablet android devices. I strongly recommend everyone trying Lumiya out today because it offers so much.


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