Fill out the Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey

On Hypergrid Business there is a new Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey to fill out to find out which opensim grids users like the best in terms of community, technology, content and support. One vote is required and the results will be posted before 23rd November 2013 apparently.

Vote Now

Once the survey has been filled out click on the Submit button then there will be a message box confirming the submission to Hypergrid Business…

Your response has been recorded. We’ll be publishing the results of this survey by November 23

Previous OpenSim annual Grid Survey results and responses…

Which OpenSim grids will come out on top this year ? 


2 thoughts on “Fill out the Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey

  1. Thanks, Daniel, for the mention! We’ve already had 200-plus responses, just a day after the survey was released. Many respondents were from OSgrid, followed by Kitely, InWorldz, Metropolis, Littlefield, Virt. Highway, Aviworlds. Over 30 grids have been rated so far!

    We need more respondents from the smaller grids, however, to make their rankings meaningful. It wouldn’t be fair, for example, to rate a grid based on the opinions of just one or two people, so I will omit those results in the final report. Don’t let this happen to your grid! Vote, and remind your friends to vote, too.

    In each of the last two surveys, it was one of the newer, smaller grids that had the best scores, as a result of residents writing in those grid names. And it helped our readers discover great new grids that they previously didn’t know about. One of those grids – Island Oasis — even became a top-ten grid by popularity.



    1. Most welcome, Maria and thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Wow, thats a good amount and hopefully more will do the survey in the coming days. I agree and yes more opensim respondents would be great.

      I’ll look forward to the results.


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