Fill out the Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey

On Hypergrid Business there is a new Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey to fill out to find out which opensim grids users like the best in terms of community, technology, content and support. One vote is required and the results will be posted before 23rd November 2013 apparently.

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Once the survey has been filled out click on the Submit button then there will be a message box confirming the submission to Hypergrid Business…

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Previous OpenSim annual Grid Survey results and responses…

Which OpenSim grids will come out on top this year ? 


RFL of InWorldz 2nd season sets new record

This year Relay for Life of InWorldz raised a grand total of $801,169 izzies apparently which is a new record and this year the funds were quadrupled than last year. This shows that there is still strong support for Relay For Life events to take place InWorldz. This is awesome news and it’s great that so many participated this year to make a difference. Time to celebrate and party!

2013 RFL of InWorldz Stats

  • $801,169 izzies raised
  • Over 75 visitors (average = 51 people) at any given time
  • 133 luminaria were lit

Top 10 distances 

  • Kelly4u Lynn > 27.0 miles
  • Hairy Thor > 22.6 miles
  • Wildstar Beaumont > 20.5 miles
  • OldeSoul Eldemar > 20.3 miles
  • Banker Ibor > 16.3 miles
  • Amaranthim Talon > 12.4 miles
  • Neill McCullough > 11.7 miles
  • MidnightRain Glas > 10.7 miles
  • Panza Eilde > 10.5 miles
  • Mortus Eclipse > 10.5 miles
  • Total Distance covered by users of the Pedometer: 210 miles

I guess we can now look forward to the third season RFL of InWorldz 2014 when I’m sure more new records will be set.