SL Events to attend during November 2013

Wow, it’s November already and we are just one month away from Christmas. Check out the list below for upcoming events in Second Life worth attending during November 2013. Links to events for more details and dates they take place on can be found below…

Popular November 2013 Events

Other November 2013 Events 

Know of any others?, please add them in comments. Thank you! 🙂


New Critical Vote and next email to Linden Lab on TOS

I’m following the news closely relating to changes to the terms of service for Second Life and it appears that the UCCSL group are doing a Critical Vote starting today to send a email to Linden Lab on TOS. The email will be apparently be sent on Monday at some point and this time the hope is for Linden Lab to release more info what happens next. Voting ends on Sunday 3rd November at midnight SLT, so if you are interested then please participate in this critical vote.

  • Vote Here < All votes (likes) will be anonymous and every vote is important!

Thank you! 🙂