Teen CL Regions Closing Down

Patch Linden sent out closure group notices on Wednesday 30th October announcing that 12 Teen CL Regions will be going offline on Monday 4th November 2013 which is sad news and shocking indeed. As many know the grids merged back on 21st January 2011 and shortly after two groups were formed so that teens could get access to Teen Only sims. The groups were called Chimp Labs and CL Board which were the main groups to join for 2011 transferred teens. It’s unclear why the lab have decided to shut down the regions at this time.

Group Notice From: Chimp Labs, Patch Linden

We are closing the Teen Chimp Labs regions: cereal killers 1, cereal killers 2, Simian, RothLand, Eudaimonia, Building Blocks, Macaque, Erosion, Emperor Tamarin, Gibbon, Mandrill, and Roloway.  Please pick up your objects from these regions, they are going offline on Monday, 4 November 2013.

Here are some snapshots of the regions…

Teen TL regions

Teen CL Teen CL Teen CL Teen CL Teen CL

5 thoughts on “Teen CL Regions Closing Down

  1. Sad news indeed Daniel. 😦
    Did they say what will happen to the teens “living” there? Do you have any idea how many people are involved?


  2. Its a bit hard to justify the existence of 12 regions for 15 avs. As much as I gripe about SL, this seems an obvious business decision I would have made as well if I were in LL’s position.


  3. Oh? I didn’t even know those regions existed. Yes i was on the teen grid too but some regions i remember were Nix, Loki, Pinkwater… And they are still there!
    And i didn’t know about those CL groups either. So i guess something went wrong.
    I didn’t see any adverts mentioning the CL thing. Either i missed it or they just did a poor marketing. So how would people even know about it? My SL friends didn’t know about it either. We were just transferred over to the main grid.
    Maybe that’s why nobody knew about those regions.


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