New special episode 13 of The Drax Files featuring Creations for Parkinson’s

A new month and a new special episode from the Drax files featuring Creations for Parkinson’s in Episode 13 which is truly inspiring story of Fran Swenson, who is 86 years old suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Watch the video and find out how Second Life has improved her life over the years. I think anything that helps this cause and stops others suffering from this terrible disease is worth doing to make life easier. Think positive and try things to improve the condition.

Episode 13 details…

My avatar represents how I truly feel inside” says 86-year old Fran Seranade. And despite her Parkinson’s condition she navigates her blond, blue-eyed and stunningly dressed digital alter ego with bravura through the immersive universe of Second Life: one moment she is a mermaid and another she ice skates with her friends in winter wonderland. 

The effect of engaging in a virtual world on her condition is being closely studied by her personal doctor and although conclusions can’t be drawn without further research, the exhilaration of being able to engage in activities like horse back riding and boating in SL suggests that so-called mirror neurons are at work here: identifying with the avatar and the action happening on the screen makes Fran’s muscles feel less rigid and increases dopamine production in the brain. 

“Second Life just might be the fountain of youth” Fran is saying with a smile and the in-world community “Creations for Parkinson’s” run by her daughter is trying to make this statement a reality by bringing people together to celebrate the power of creativity every day, regardless of age, origin and physical location.”

Watch Episode 13: Creations for Parkinson’s below! 

Another amazing episode and it’s got to be the best episode yet of The Drax Files.


3 thoughts on “New special episode 13 of The Drax Files featuring Creations for Parkinson’s

  1. That is a brilliant episode!

    I have several friends in SL who are disabled, for example one who is deaf, another who has a serious heart condition, and SL for them opens up a whole world where they can be free and as good or better than anybody!


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