Today marks my 7th Rezday in Second Life

Wow, 7 years later!

My 7th rezday

Today marks my official 7th rezday since I first signed up to Second Life which seems so long ago now. It’s been a roller-coaster ride to be honest since 31st October 2006 with many highs and lows at times. I feel like I’ve done everything over the past seven years but I’m sure there will be more exciting adventures for me on the horizon in Second Life in the coming years. I’m really excited and looking forward to future adventures in Second Life/OpenSim.

My first ever snapshot taken on my first day back on 31st October 2006 back on the teen grid when I was 16 years old. In mid-December 2013 marks five years since I transferred from TSL to the Main Grid which is incredible because it only seems like yesterday I transferred between the grids. Wow, so much has changed since then!

October 2006

Seven achievements that i’m proud off…

  1. Became Group Manager and Estate Manager back in 2007
  2. Became a SL Mentor in 2008
  3. Volunteered with SL birthdays & Burning Man/Life/BURN2 events from 2009+
  4. Became a resident judge for vetting committee for Linden Prize in 2010
  5. Became part of the official SLCC 2010 Twitter team in 2010
  6. Became a SL news reporter blogger from 2011+
  7. Since October 2006 I’ve taken more than 23, 000 snapshots on Flickr 

My long term aim is to reach my 10th rezday in Second Life which will be in October 2016 which will be an amazing achievement and then that would mark a decade in Second Life for me.  Woooooot!!!

Wishing everyone a happy Halloween in SL/RL 



22 thoughts on “Today marks my 7th Rezday in Second Life

  1. Happy one and hopeful in 3 years we will be celebrating your 10th rezz day:)
    You are without any doubt the most respected blogger of virtual worlds, but i’m glad you still feel such happiness to celebrate SL on these times!


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