Qarl Fizz announces closure of region and update on the deformer project

Qarl Fizz (former Qarl Linden) has announced on his blog on 16th October 2013 that he has deleted his region in Second Life. The main reason for leaving was due to the recent changes that Linden Lab made to the terms of service and that he doesn’t want Linden Lab to steal all of his intellectual property.

Qarl writes about the deformer project in the blog post and mentions that Linden Lab have been completely ignoring requests for information and that the lab can’t find time to review hundred of lines of code or answer emails.

Goodbye Qarl and good luck for the future. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Qarl Fizz announces closure of region and update on the deformer project

  1. JubJub

    I understand Qarl’s frustration, and know of at least 2 other creators who have left over LL’s abandonment of the mesh deformer – now they work on Cloud Party instead.


  2. Nathan Adored

    Well, the one problem with Qarl deleting his sim, presumably so the stuff on it isn’t available to LL anymore, is… all that stuff is still in the asset server somewhere, even if he deletes it all from his inventory… so it’s really only a symbolic move. Deleting it merely removes it from QARL’S control, without at all removing it from LINDEN LAB’S control. LL could still pull it out and use it. oO



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